Large and beautiful beach near Neos Marmaras.

A small pine forest right next to the beach gives a special scenic and beauty. Easy to access by car, organized and there are also water sports.



Long white beach, full of plane trees, which divide into small rivers that end up in it. Access to the beach is easy


It is located very close to Neos Marmaras only 1.5 km at the north of the village, next to the road to Thessaloniki. Even though it is not organized, many people prefer it because it is quiet with crystal clear waters, sand and pebbles. Access is easy by car, but because of the short distance, many visit it by taking the route from Neos Marmaras, even on foot.


A splendid, very little developed sandy beach, with pine trees that reach up to the shore in a wonderful creek, in front of the homonymous small village.


Azapiko is a long and wide sandy beach with clear waters, located between Neos Marmaras and Porto Koufo. It is unspoilt, not enough popular and non-organized at all, it is ideal for camping lovers.

Agia Kyriaki

At a distance of about 9 km from Neos Marmaras, the sandy beach of about 400 m and the crystal clear waters, hosts residents of the settlement as well as the visitors of the camping.

At the beach you will find several seaside taverns with excellent food.




On the island of Kelyfos, named after its shell-shaped turtle, opposite of Neos Marmaras, about 2 nautical miles.

In general, the islet is a rich fishing place and attract many visitors who are interested for its wonderful seabed.

You can visit it by your own boat or by boats that take the route from Neos Marmaras.

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Paradisos beach

The most popular beach in the northern part of Neos Marmaras.

Sandy and crystal clear waters.

The water is quite shallow, making it ideal for families with children. Very easy access to various parts of the beach.


Neos Marmaras beach

Beach in the settlement. Organized, with many fish taverns and beach bars and of course easily accessible by everyone.

Porto Carras beach

The beach is well organized with a popular beach bar from where you can order a cocktail and relax on the sun-beds and umbrellas which are arranged for the guests.

Just off this beach is also a diving center where you can learn how to dive and get licensed.