Traditional Fishing

Fishing Experience with traditional boat in Neos Marmaras Halkidiki Greece.

Enjoy a unique experience !! Get on boat and share a fisherman’s joy!

The captain and his experienced crew will introduce you to the fishing secrets The equipment and the baits are waiting for you to prove that you are a great fisherman or you have the rookies luck.

Everything we catch with some seafood and ouzo on the table to enjoy them with your new friends on boat.

Halkidiki has ideal fishing spots and absolute destination for fishing.


Porto Carras hotel located south of Neos Marmaras Halkidiki. The hotel proposals for a complete wine experience.

Tour in the vineyards

Meet Domaine Porto Carras, the largest single organic vineyard in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, with a total area of 4.750 acres. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the majesty of Mount Meliton, and impressive areas of the Domaine through rugged routes. Stops are made at the most captivating parts of the Vineyard, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the shade of the trees, the vast areas of the green vineyards and the blue Aegean sea. Also, the stop at the top of Mount Meliton allows visitors to enjoy the view of the Northern Sporades.

Visit the winery

The Winery is situated in the center of the Domaine, a few meters away from Villa Galini. Grapes go to winery, following of course the laws of gravity and making sure that they reach the treatment process at their most natural state. We will see sections of the production process, visit the cellar where the wines mature for years and, if we are lucky, we will taste exclusive wines which are not available in the market yet.

Visit the wine tasting room “Melissanthi”

Adjacent to the winery, is the always hospitable and fresh tasting hall “Melissanthi”. When we arrive there, you will know it is time to taste the wines of the Domaine. Everything is set for an exciting tasting experience that can be customized according to each visitor.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding Experience

For your horse-riding experience we recommend the Porto Carras riding excursions.

They offer rides inpath, and all horses are trained and approved for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders.

There are professional drivers and guide and also offers low prices for lessons to beginners and children.


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Cruise to Toronaios Gulf

The beautiful Toroneos gulf is located between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia.

It is well known for its blue crystal waters and the breathtaking view of the scenery and the coastlines of the two peninsulas.

Among these in the Toroneos gulf, is also an island of Halkidiki, which is called ‘Kelyfos’. This island is particular due to its weird shape, looking like a turtle, and that is why it is called by the locals the ‘Turtle Island’.

This cruise trip is perfect for you, if you want to spend a day enjoying the sea, sun and the amazing landscapes of the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia. Our departure point is the port of Neos Marmaras, in Sithonia.

Book online your tickets to Toroneos Cruise from Neos Marmaras Halkidiki.

Fun Train

A unique experience you can do in Neos Marmaras is to book a ride on the train. 2 main routes are in schedule on specific days of the week and leaves you the best impressions.

1. Swimming to the islands
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Departure 9:00 a.m. – Return 13:00

2. Parthenon Village

Every Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
Departure 9:00 a.m. – Return 13:00

For more information and reservations: Stratos Fun Train, +30 23750 72294, Kolovos Travel

Rent a boat

This is a unique experience to live in Neos Marmaras Halkidiki.

Rental Boats, without a license

Discover the beauties of Halkidiki and Sithonia in a unique way.

You can rent a boat just in front of the port of Neos Marmaras or in Lagomandra beach and navigate to hidden beaches of Sithonia.


Scuba Diving

Neos Marmaras is a very attractive destination. Nestled in the shadow of Mount Itamos, it features beautiful coastline. Seaside activities include water sports and scuba diving, which are available in northern and southern directions. And that is what everyone can see. But, beautiful seabed and rich marine life only a few chosen can see. Or rather, those that choose to be among chosen.

What scuba diving reveals in the Neos Marmaras area?

The Aegean Sea is rich in sea life and the Toroneos Gulf is no exception. And the underwater world of this part of Halkidiki keeps amazing professional and amateur divers. Once you get below the sea level, you will discover an amazing variety of marine life. Octopuses, sea horses, crabs and corals, not to mention countless fish species, come within sight.

Scuba diving centers near Neos Marmaras

Ocean Diving Center, Lagomandra Beach

If you head north of the Neos Marmaras resort, you will arrive on Lagomandra Beach shortly. Lagomandra has two portions, one organized, the other pristine. And on the organized beach, you will find the Ocean Diving Center in an adjacent pine forest.

This diving center has certified experts that can teach you to dive if you are a novice. If you are an experienced diver, you can join the deep diving and night diving tours. The popular Open Water Scuba Diver course is also available for booking in the Ocean Diving Center.

Poseidon Diving Academy, Porto Carras

But if you take the southern direction, the way will lead you to Porto Carras. In this exclusive complex, you will find the Poseidon Diving Academy.

The Poseidon Diving Academy has a variety of programs for rookie and seasoned scuba divers. Here, you can learn to be a scuba diver, open water diver, even a rescue diver. Other specialty programs on offer are deep diving, search & recovery, diving in the limited-visibility conditions and more. If you are a keen photographer, come to the academy to learn secrets of the underwater photography.

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The additional benefit of diving in the Neos Marmaras area is suitable temperatures year round. On average, the temperature of the sea some 20 meters below the surface ranges between 16˚C (61˚F) in winter and 26˚C (79˚F) in summer.


Benefits of Sailing from Neos Marmaras, Sithonia, Halkidiki

Neos Marmaras is a popular holiday resort in Halkidiki. Here, you can enjoy many great activities. Relaxing on a beach, hiking Mount Itamos and enjoying shopping are some of them. If you take the 2nd suggested option, you will see the big Toroneos Gulf at some point. Take a closer look and spot various vessels crisscrossing the gulf. And people on those enjoy sailing, another great activity in this destination.

Main features of sailing from Neos Marmaras

The Neos Marmaras resort is at the juncture of hilly south and relatively flat north of Sithonia. More so, the Kassandra peninsula, with its lively nightlife, is across the gulf from Neos Marmaras. Mount Athos, with its descriptive monasteries lining the coast, is a bit farther. Finally, Thessaloniki, the main cultural and commercial hub in Northern Greece, is also within reach. Hence, any type of your favorite activity can’t be far off with your boat anchored in the resort’s port.

Wherever you go, stop by at Kelifos Island first. The island is visible from Neos Marmaras. It features beautiful seabed, so bring your diving equipment with you. Plus, you will see sea gulls inhabiting the island and possibly wild goats.

By proceeding south, hilly and forested terrain offers great photo options. More so, you will find a few beaches that are difficult to access from inland. The highlight of the rugged coastline is at Porto Koufo, with the bay surrounded by hills.

Boat rental companies in the resort of Neos Marmaras

There are a few sailing and boat rental companies available in the resort. Day sailing Halkidiki and Flying Sailship are a few of them. With these companies, you can set off on a day or multi-day sailing, whatever you prefer.

Some available day cruises are Tuna Fishing and excursions to Mount Athos. Multi-day sailing cruises encompass Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos peninsulas and Ammouliani Island. The island has one of the most attractive beaches in the Halkidiki area.

Useful info about sailing around Halkidiki

In general, weather conditions are very favorable for sailing in this destination. The most common form of the wind is a light breeze (up to 3.4 m/s), which is only sporadically replaced by a gentle breeze. Except during winter, air temperatures are favorable for cruises. Chances of rain are low throughout the year, usually ranging between 10% and 20%.

Sailing Cruises

Day Sailing in Halkidiki – Charter A Yacht

Day Sailing trips – escape from the reality – Power Marine Yachting

Half Day Sailing trips – escape from the reality – Power Marine Yachting




Water Sports

Neos Marmaras is a picturesque resort. It prides on a great many assets. Attractive shopping, vantage points for observing seaside and beautiful environment are some. Also, “New Marmaras” features a convenient access to many great beaches that are a short drive away. And entertaining water sports are available on some of them.

Lagomandra Beach water sports

Several kilometers north of Neos Marmaras lies Lagomandra Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia. Vacationers visiting the beach can enjoying water sports alongside its beauty. There you can chose among various alternatives featuring different levels of difficulty. If you don’t like exciting experiences filled with adrenaline, you can opt for canoeing, kayaking and pedal boating. But, if you are in the mood for something more challenging, jet-skiing and tubing should suffice.

Porto Carras Grand Resort

In the opposite direction from Neos Marmaras you will find Porto Carras. This huge complex boasts various water sports opportunities. And diving is one of them.

The Poseidon Diving Academy offers snorkeling and scuba diving lessons. These are suitable for rookie divers and all those unsure of their diving skills. Besides basic diving, certified guides of the academy can teach you other things, too. Being an underwater photographer, deep diver and diver in areas with limited visibility are some of them.

But, if you prefer to remain on the water surface, there are plentiful options in Porto Carras. Water skiing, jet-skiing and banana boating are a few of them.

Other water sports alternatives near Neos Marmaras

Lagomandra Beach and the Porto Carras complex are key water sports destinations around Neos Marmaras. Yet, a few more of them are available.

Castello Beach, an extension of Tripotamos Beach to the north, is one such. You can find this beach close to Lagomandra. Paradisos Beach, just north of the Neos Marmaras resort is even closer. Hence, you have nothing to worry about if you are a fan of water sports.

Furthermore, there are boat rental opportunities around. And renting a boat is especially rewarding way of exploring wooded and rocky slopes of Sithonia’s coastline. Finally, taking a day trip around Mount Athos is another top activity you can enjoy in Halkidiki, Greece.